PUSD Announces Layoffs to Close $7M-$12M Deficit

An equivalent of 81.5 employees will get layoff notices. Federal sequestration and the state budget are variables that still need to factor into the final 2013-14 budget.

The Pasadena Unified School District today [Thursday] announced plans to layoff dozens of teachers, counselors, nurses and other certificated employees to bridge a $7 million to $12 million deficit expected for the upcoming school year.

Officials are expected to issue pink slips to the equivalent of 81.5 employees.   

Some of the positions, if not all, may be reinstated as has been done in the past when the district came up with extra funds.

The deficit projection for the 2013-14 school year that prompted the layoffs was based on declining enrollment and the expiration of grants, according to the school district's superintendent Jon R. Gundry.   

The district initially faced an even greater deficit, before the approval of Prop. 30, which directed more tax dollars to education.   

Officials said the deficit could be further reduced if they receive $5.1
million in grants given out based on the number of English language learners
and low-income students in the district.

"There are still many variables to factor in this spring, including the
effects of the federal sequestration, the fate of Governor Brown's local
control funding formula and the final makeup of the 2013-2014 state budget,"
Gundry said. "Authorizing reduction in force notices means that PUSD has the
flexibility to prepare for a worst-case scenario."   

Districts are required to send out layoff notices by March 15, often as
a formality, but extra funds often surface before the layoffs are finalized.   

Since 2010, the district has issued 365 notices, and of that, 23
actually have resulted in people losing their jobs.

pusddad March 01, 2013 at 04:19 PM
No cause for alarm, nor any sign of evil conspiracy as Jean would want some to believe. This is an annual ritual school districts in which school districts must engage because of the timing of the layoff notice requirements and the fiscal year. Most, if not all of the laid off teachers will be given offers in the summer. My mom was teacher in another district when I was a kid in the 70's. For her first five years, she got her notice in the spring and was hired back in August. Its not a good way to do business, and the uncertainty is hard on the the teacher, but its the way things have been done for quite some time.
navigio March 01, 2013 at 05:05 PM
Education is a state issue not a Federal one.
Mark March 01, 2013 at 09:39 PM
I totally agree with gitinjiggywitit's comments. The average citizen would not believe the waste that occurs in all levels of government, I should know I was responible for a large city department budget. If you run your household budget like the government runs there's you would most like be broke or in jail for fraud. But what do they care it not there money being spent. That is how some city administrators act.
Gene Stevenson March 02, 2013 at 07:05 PM
Gitinjiggywitit's argument or their "Facts" for the country's predicament is as confusing as their handle. Not sure what their news source is or if, in fact, they have one at all. Obama, the Great Boogeyman, is not the problem. It's that do-nothing Elephant in the room, Gitin. Oh, sorry! All of the Elephants have gone home? Oh, well, Gitin’s right on one account, though. A review of the facts (not the FOX) on Gitin’s part is definitely in order. Hopefully, Gitin's getting busy!
not Carl Peterson lll March 03, 2013 at 04:35 AM
Gene Stevenson...I was making fun of Obama going around telling us the sky is falling. Obama did decline the offer to be selective of which cuts ti make. He is going around the country campaigning instead of working for a solution. The sequestor, I believe was his idea, and he did sign the bill. So the cuts at this moment in time ---- owned by him The impeachable comment....O.K. I don't know. Maybe I had a little too much coffee. It is not a comment that would inspire both sides to work together. But then neither is the presidents. The BIG issue. The REAL elephant in the room? It is the debt. We can blame one side or the other. The problem is systemic, societal, and the natural coming full circle with fiat currency. Every fiat currency system in history has ended with a collapse of the currency. It is too long to give details. And really, if the government can't come together on how to handle LESS OF A RISE IN SPENDING (which is all this is), abdolutely no way will the budget get real. Outside market forces will bring the inevitable The dollar will collapse. This will be the first worldwide problem of this sort. I pulled my money out of stocks in 1999, and moved it to gold, and metals. The link is a guy who has been calling all of this before events happen like no one else. And he is not selling anything.I just looked, don't get turned off by the Obama cartoon, He hits boths sides http://www.jsmineset.com/


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