Photos: Alverno's Mother-Daughter Tea

Alverno High School students and their mothers gathered for a special afternoon tea and fashion show in April.

Press Release:

There is no doubt that mothers and daughters share a special bond and on April 21, Alverno students and their mothers got to celebrate that bond with a special tea and fashion show in the Alverno Villa. The annual event, put on by Alverno fathers, is a time-honored school tradition.

This year mothers and daughters were invited to wear hats or fascinators and then strut their stuff in a special fashion show. Categories for the fashion included “Most Alike,” “Most Retro,” “Most Spring,” “Most Modern,” and “Most Sophisticated.” A special prize was also given to the youngest participant in the fashion show, the 4-year-old daughter of an Alverno alumna.

“I’m so glad that Makayla got to attend the event and participate in the fashion show,” said Sophia Calles, Class of 1999. “She’s a future member of the Alverno Class of 2025!”

Following the fashion show, daughters were invited to read special letters they had written to their mothers. The afternoon concluded with a raffle for the antique teapots on the table that had diligently been collected by the Alverno fathers in the weeks leading up to the event.

“Our mothers are the first and most important role models we have in life,” said Ann Gillick, Head of School, “It is a pleasure for me to see so many young women and their mothers who treasure the special relationship they have with one another. I am grateful to these mothers for raising such incredible young women and sharing Alverno’s mission of empowering their daughters to be exactly the person she wants to be.”


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