MTA Approves Railway Connection to SoCal Airports

The plan would link all rail systems to airports in southern California.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority unanimously approved Thursday to develop a plan to connect all railways to southern California’s airports.

MTA Chairman and Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich presented his Regional Airport Connectivity Plan during Thursday’s Metro board meeting. The elaborate network of railways would bring passengers on the Gold Line and Orange line buses to Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport, passengers on the Gold Line, Metrolink and Amtrak to Ontario Airport and Metrolink passengers to Palmdale airport. Antonovich also proposed a faster Metrolink service from Palmdale to Union Station, according to LA Curbed.

Antonovich also presented a timeline for the rail connector for the Green and Crenshaw Line to LAX.

“This action will coordinate transfers and changes to service schedules among county transit agencies and improve our regional transportation system by maintaining a seamless, integrated and efficient transit experience connecting the multiple bus and rail agencies that serve the entire County,” said Antonovich in a press statement. 

But the ambitious plan could be threatened by the Los Angeles World Airports, which Antonovich said stands in the way of the plan receiving the voter-approved $200 million from Measure R.

With the Gold Line Foothill extension project still battling to secure funds for its portion from the Azusa/Glendora border to Claremont, and later to Ontario Airport, and Governor Jerry Brown’s push for the state’s high speed rail system to the Bay Area, California rail projects encounter heavy competition for scarce transit dollars. 

Lulu July 29, 2012 at 01:54 AM
What a minute! We the voters voted to have the Gold Line extended to Claremont and then eventually to Ontario Airport. They are now saying the Gold Line will only go to Azusa. Now they are talking about extending it elsewhere? That is NOT what we voted on! No way am I voting to extend the taxes for transportation when they didn't do what we voted for to begin with. Hold up your end of the deal first and then see if we will agree to more taxes for future extensions!
Jack Kobzeff July 29, 2012 at 06:09 PM
The Gold Line has never been officially scheduled to go to Ontario Airport. They have talked about wanting to do it, Rep. Dreier has pushed for it, but has never been in the official plans. The plans have always been to build it in sections or phases. The Pasadena part was the first phase. The Azusa part is is the end of this phase, and the part to Claremont is the next phase. I am all for it to connect to Ontario, but doubt that we have the political will to actually do it.


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