Donnelly Blasts Obama’s Policy on Illegal Immigration

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly calls on Gov. Jerry Brown to follow Arizona governor’s example.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly called President Barack Obama’s recent memorandum to stall the deportation of illegal immigrants “baffling” and called on Gov. Jerry Brown to take a stand against the President’s recent move.

In June, Obama issued the memorandum to the Department of Homeland Security ordering them not to deport illegal immigrant under the age of 30 who arrived to the country as minors. Since then, the California DMV has agreed to issue driver licenses to this group of undocumented immigrants.

Not only is this unfair to “legal” American citizens, said Donnelly, Sierra Madre’s representative in the State Assembly, but it also compromises national security.

“Not only is this wildly unpopular among the citizens, but it creates a national security risk,” said Donnelly in a press statement. “The voters of California have made it perfectly clear that they favor keeping our driver licenses secure.”

Last week, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed an executive order forbidding state agencies to issue driver’s licenses and other public documents to illegal immigrants under Obama’s program. Brewer claims the federal program does not grant illegal immigrants legal status and she intends not to enforce Obama’s program, according to Reuters.

"It is baffling that every time our laws become inconvenient for people who are here illegally, we create a new exemption,” said Donnelly. “This pattern of pandering is a slap in the face to law abiding citizens and to the dedicated families and individuals who have waited for the opportunity to become Americans.”

Donnelly called on Gov. Jerry Brown to follow Brewer’s lead and take a stand against the memorandum.

"While Governor Jan Brewer has personally come out to defend the citizens of Arizona, Governor Brown has remained silent,” said Donnelly in a press statement. “He has instead chosen as of yet to hide behind a bureaucracy on this monumental change in policy. If this is your plan, Governor - if you really intend to defy the will of the people and grant licenses to this new class of "legal" illegals, come tell us openly. You owe it to the people at whose consent you govern to personally justify your actions."

VFD August 22, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Jerry Brown caters to unions and immigrant rights groups. No politician in Sacramento has the stones to limit benefits for illegal aliens. Don't forget when the voters approved such a measure years ago only to be struck down by a liberal San Francisco appellate judge. Milk toast Gray Davis got elected because he vowed not to appeal the court ruling which was the will of the people. Just think, California will be looking at Gavin Newsom as the next possible Governor who along with the liberal latino polticians will convert California into a sanctuary State for illegal aliens. Ready to vomit yet?


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