County Golf Courses to See Fee Hike Starting March 1

Here's a list of the golf courses that will be affected by this fee hike.

Green fees at county golf courses will be increasing in March, according to Tuesday's vote by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Fees at 18-hole county courses will increase 50 cents for seniors on weekdays, $1 for other weekday players and $1.50 on weekends, beginning March 1. Other fees will change proportionately, but fees for junior golf, twilight golf and tournament registration will not go up.

Current fees are about 25 percent less than the average charged at similar municipal courses in Southern California and the increases will not completely close that gap, according to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Operating costs for the courses have gone up an estimated 10 percent since 2011 -- when the fees were last increased -- and revenues have failed to keep pace with the cost of maintenance and improvements, parks officials said.

The fee hikes are expected to raise an additional $141,000 in county revenues through June 30 and $338,000 annually in future years.

The following is a list of the golf courses that will be affected by the fee increase:

Alondra Golf Course
Altadena Golf Course
Chester Washington Golf Course
Diamond Bar Golf Course
Eaton Canyon Golf Course
El Cariso Golf Course
Knollwood Golf Course
La Mirada Golf Course
Lakewood Golf Course
Los Amigos Golf Course
Los Verdes Golf Course
Maggie Hathaway Golf Course
Marshall Canyon Golf Course
Mountain Meadows Golf Course
Santa Anita Golf Course
Victoria Golf Course
Whittier Narrows Golf Course

resident90068 January 24, 2013 at 06:36 PM
So instead of raising Fees to a market driven comparable cost as compared to other municipal courses we will end up having Advertising in Parks and Playgrounds? Also, even with the Fee increase the Golf Courses will still have an operating loss? What financial genius came up with this? This sounds like the old joke about losing money on every sale but making it up in volume. Put the Advertising on the Golf Courses, charge fees that are comparable to other municipal courses and maybe if no one steals the cash at the Starter Shack when the fees are paid they may break even. Or, just convert them to Public Parks. What’s the annual number of Golfers using the land on a per Sg Ft basis vs. the number of people using parks on a Sg Ft basis? Why should non-golfers have to financially support golfers?


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