Photos: Alverno High's Student Union Convention

Students modeled the day after the national conventions of the Democratic and Republican parties.

On Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18, the entire student body and members of the incoming freshman class participated in the annual “Alverno Student Union (ASU) Convention,” modeled after the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

At the end of the day, Alverno students had selected one ticket to represent each of the two parties and an additional two tickets opted to run as independents to become the President and Vice-President of the Alverno Student Union for the 2012-2013 school year.

On Tuesday afternoon, students were broken up into two parties, the Blue Party and the Red Party. Once in their respective parties, students elected a Party Chair, Party Secretary, and a Sergeant at Arms who were responsible for running the main convention on Wednesday. After electing these important individuals, students were divided into delegations where they helped to create planks that would become a part of their party platform as well as the platform for their party tickets. Party planks included changes to the Alverno uniform, bringing a catering truck to campus once a month, and the additionof academic courses like forensics, psychology, and Japanese to the school curriculum. When elected, the ASU President and Vice-President will work with their cabinet to add these items to current school policy.

On Wednesday, students were dressed in their party colors as they listened to the candidate debates moderated by the Alverno Supreme Court Justices on Alverno’s television station, KATV, and worked on convention materials in their Platform and Steering Committees.

In the afternoon, each party held their own convention, which included a presentation of the two tickets they could choose from to represent their party in the election. The various delegations were then asked to vote on the party planks and cast their support for one of the two tickets in their party. At the end of convention, the Osuna-Abdelrahim ticket was selected as to represent the Blue Party and the Overstreet-Fisher ticket was selected to represent the Red Party in the election. In the true sprit of democracy, the Wong-Samerjan ticket and the Panyawai-Martinez ticket will run as independent candidates during the election. Voting for the candidates will take place on Tuesday.

“Our annual Convention is not only a great way for our students to learn about the democratic process, but it also empowers them to see the role they can have in both their school and local communities,” said Cam Gonzales, Dean of Students and Director of Activities. “The young women who have chosen to run for President and Vice-President are true examples of the Alverno spirit and mission who will serve our school community well during the next school year.”

Ann Gillick, Head of School, said “The ASU Convention is a perfect example of the monumental role our young women play in our school community. Each of the young women running has made not only a commitment to Alverno, but a commitment to her peers to be an effective, compassionate servant leader. These values are basic tenets of the Alverno philosophy and our leadership program is just one of the ways Alverno empowers each young woman to be exactly the person she wants to be.”

If you want to see more photos from the event, check out our page.


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