Burglary in Broad Daylight on Churchill Rd.

A home was burglarized on Friday, according to the Sierra Madre Police Department.

The following information was provided by the Sierra Madre Police Department.

During daytime hours on Friday, a residence was burglarized in the 200 block of Churchill Road. The alleged victims say the loss included electronics and jewelry.

Police say there is no suspect at this time.

The SMPD reminds residents to:

  • Close and lock doors and windows
  • Use house and vehicle alarms, if available
  • Alarm company signs and stickers can often deter crime
  • When out of town, consider turning on a radio loud enough for a suspect who might come to your door or window to hear and hopefully believe someone is home (but, be careful not to disturb your neighbors and beware of any fire hazards a radio left on for long periods of time could cause.)
  • Report any suspicious activity

The SMPD offers vacation checks while you are away. Call the station at (626) 355-1414 for more information.


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