Beaumont Standoff: Man Killed Guilty of 'Criminal Threats' Against Former D.A.

Riverside County's former top prosecutor confirms to Banning-Beaumont Patch that the man killed this week following a standoff situation with police in Beaumont had made criminal threats in the past against the then-District Attorney in 2007.

The man shot and killed by a sheriff's SWAT team in Beaumont following a domestic disturbance call allegedly had ties to an infamous gang, and had been convicted of making criminal threats against former Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco, he confirms to Banning-Beaumont Patch.

Pacheco says that he received word Tuesday that it was the same 38-year-old Chandler Cardwell who was killed in Monday's incident, who had threatened his life in 2007.

"I was told this morning that it was the same guy," Pacheco told Patch in a telephone interview Tuesday night.  “We knew he was dangerous back when; he threatened to kill me and my family and knowing the sheriff’s department as I do, I’m sure... [shooting him] was the only solution."

Pacheco says that Cardwell had threatened him by placing a false advertisement in the Press Enterprise, which called for an estate sale at his home, saying "everything must go," to contribute to the "Rod Pacheco Memorial Fund," alluding to the then-District Attorney and his family.

In that ad, his personal cell phone number and home address were given to the public.  According to Pacheco and the Press Enterprise, Cardwell was an employee of the paper at the time.

"It was clear when I read it that it was a threat," Pacheco told Patch.  "Here I was enforcing the laws against his gang … and they were threatening me."

Pacheco says Cardwell's brother-in-law was a key player in the East Side Rivas gang, whom the DA's office was going after under Pacheco's direction.

"If you were a member of East Side Rivas, we took particular attention to your case," he said.

According to the Press Enterprise, "Cardwell's attorney said he placed the advertisement in frustration because he was concerned the gang crackdown would target innocent people."

Online court records from the Riverside County Superior Court indicate that a man by the name of Chandler Cardwell was found guilty of making criminal threats stemming from an Aug. 24, 2007 incident. 

He pleaded guilty to the crime, according to records.  Pacheco says the man was sentenced to three years in prison, but served only "a fraction of that time."

The Riverside County District Attorney's office could not confirm the connection on their end, as the case was prosecuted by the attorney general's office, according to spokesman John Hall.

Charles Ferrell December 13, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Although it is probably true that nobody "deserves" the fate of getting shot to death, but it appears the guy who shot the police K-9 brought his fate upon himself. This is not a happy story in any way. A man is dead (prayers go to his family, friends and loved ones for the pain they must now suffer), a police officer had to shoot a suspect to death (prayers go to him, his family, friends and loved ones for the pain they feel), and a brave and very effective police K-9 is wounded and may have had his police career cut short. Who knows what other good this K-9 could have accomplished as a police dog, how many other lives could have been saved as a result of this dog's future actions in the line of duty and how much public funds will have to be spent to train a replacement police dog? No, there are no "winners" in this story. Just a guy, who for whatever reason or reasons created a circumstance that resulted in tragedy and a lot of pain to go around. If something good can be found in this story, it is that at least no one else will ever suffer at the hands of this man. This is not a story to celebrate; perhaps a sigh of relief is appropriate.
Wind December 19, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Who are you to judge or know what's might have been going through his head at the time. And by any chance do you know the wife's family?
Wind December 19, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Well I hope the wife really felt her life was being threaten. Cardwell should've killed the dog. After all the crap people are saying about him.
concerned citizen December 19, 2012 at 09:00 PM
WIND--what a low life creep you are. Too bad you weren't there with the shooter so that the police could have put you 6ft under also. The poor worms are hungry. YOu are lower than low. Dog crap is more important than your life.
StetsonResident February 02, 2013 at 04:55 AM
This guy gave me the creeps. He would ride his bike around the neighborhood all the time looking at the houses. At first I thought he was scoping out houses, but when I saw him doing it every other day I shrugged him off as a druggy or just crazy. I have seen him hang at a house on the north end of Monte Verde where the neighbor kids say deal drugs. I have heard from other people that live in Stetson that he was weird and was involved in drugs and others say he was a normal guy who loved his family. I have never met the guy, but can only say that its strange for a grown man to be riding a bike around starring at the houses all the time.


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