Bear Spotted on Home’s Front Steps

A Sierra Madre resident reported the bear sighting Sunday.

It was an especially eventful Sunday for bear encounters in the San Gabriel Valley.

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In Sierra Madre, a more routine bear meeting occurred when a resident at the 300 block of Churchill Road came home to find a bear on the home’s front steps Sunday, Sergeant Rubin Enriquez told Patch.

The resident apparently made enough noise that shooed away the bear. When SMPD officials arrived they could not find the bear in the area.

A seminar held at Eaton Canyon Saturday offered local residents tips on living with urban black bears.

Have you seen a bear in Sierra Madre recently? How do you co-exist safely in a community with bears? Weigh in below. 

Jon Pedder August 28, 2012 at 11:07 PM
I had a juvenile bear in my garage Friday afternoon, open my fridge, looking for beer maybe? Then on Saturday the same bear came through the kitchen window, pushing out the screen. Then took a bag of food off the counter, back out through the window and sat eating away on the porch until chased away. The latter caused some concern as this guys is getting a little too bold for his/her own good. However I do love living in an area so full of wildlife and this is part of living here. Tip: Add Ammonia to your trash when you put it out. I see so many cans knocked over each morning. This is food and like it or not you're feeding the bears and putting them in danger.
Anita Flemington June 17, 2014 at 11:04 AM
My granddaughter and I were playing outside about 2:00 pm. All of a sudden at bear came lumbering down our driveway! ( We live at 675 Woodland Dr.) I quickly scooped up my granddaughter and ran in the house. The bear clearly know where my trash was as he or she went straight for it! After about 15 minutes of going through my trash, the bear went down Woodland.


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