Bear Breaks Into Monrovia Home, Raids Refrigerator

The bear entered a home on Hidden Valley Road and helped himself to some food out of the refrigerator, police said.

OUTSIDE LOS ANGELES -- A bear broke into a hillside home Sunday and raided the refrigerator, chowing down on pork chops before the homeowner could scare it away.

Hillside resident and former Monrovia Mayor Lara Larramendi discovered the soaking wet bear as it tried to enter the back door of her Monrovia home on Hidden Valley Road. She shooed the animal away, but not before it ate her Sunday dinner.

"...When I turn around, I see that he came into the kitchen, went through our garbage and opened the refrigerator and ate the 4 boneless pork loin steaks that were for dinner and the BBQ sauce was next to it," Larramendi posted on Facebook. "Very scary."

Larramendi reported the bear to police at about 11:26 a.m., according to Monrovia Police Sgt. Glen Coleman. A Monrovia Animal Control officer followed the bear back into the wilderness, Coleman said.

Larramendi has a pond on her property and the bear apparently went swimming in it before dining on her pork loin steaks, she said.

And it left a parting gift for Larramendi as well. She and her neighbor each had to clean up a big pile of bear poop after the animal wandered back into the forest.

Gayle M. Montgomery August 31, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Did you folks notice they nabbed Meatball, aka Glenn Bearian, yesterday? 400 lbs. I didn't catch what they were going to do with him this time, but maybe they'll ship him back to Yosemite (smile).
Bob Dollins April 23, 2013 at 10:03 PM
People who haved lived above Hillcrest in Monrovia for more than 20 years or anyone else for that matter. Back then, how oftend did you hear or read about a black bear, or Mountain Lion for that matter? Hardly ever. Today, we hear about an incident/sighting at least once a week. What are all you "boo hoo, leave the bears alone" types going to say when someone up there finally gets hurt, especially if it is someone's child? "Too, bad, you should have moved"? Let's get real here people. Humans have the right to protect their family and private property. The forest service really needs to do a thorough census of the San Gabriel Mountain Black Bear population so a practical and pragmatic management plan can be developed.
Kate K. April 24, 2013 at 07:20 AM
One of the reasons people didn't hear so much about the bears and lions was that it was NOT in the news then. People didn't send out an announcement or call the cops every time they saw a coyote, bear or other large animal 20 or more years ago. There was no internet/instant-news culture yet. Fear was not popular. There were also far fewer people in Southern California living against the wild lands (please see census data), and earlier most people in So Cal were still used to at least the sight of large animals: Now a deer, cow or horse can be a very scary thing for people, since they are so unfamiliar. Yes, there were fewer large animals in the area, because everything larger than a rabbit had been hunted to disappearance from 1900 through 1955 (thus there was a huge rodent problem for many residents, I've been told, requiring lots of poisons to clear them out). Killing everything as large or larger than a human OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T solve the "problem" permanently. It DID accelerate the propagation of the smarter animals, as the less skilled/smart were killed off. Shooting what you see in your yard and perceive as maybe "dangerous" is not going make your world permanently better this time either. WHY NOT TRY COEXISTENCE, FOR A CHANGE? (And no, a bigger magazine in our weapons doesn't constitute "different", that's just "more of the same".That's also been done: see history of poisons against insects and rodents, & how those species are now merely 'smarter' &/or more resistant.)
Kate K. April 24, 2013 at 07:22 AM
Because that's so much cleaner and simpler than putting your food and trash away responsibly?
Kate K. April 24, 2013 at 07:27 AM
Does anyone know how many Monrovians have made multiple insurance claims for damage due to bears in the last 10 years? Hundreds? Dozens? 3? None? How about the number of citizens who've made multiple claims for damage due to vandals? Break-ins? Tree-damage? Water-line failure? Let's all try to keep in mind the relative magnitude of the problems--- Bears may be scary to us, but they are seldom as dangerous as most of the other "insurance risks" we assume every day.


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