The Senator Remembers the Lobbyist

During this voting season, thoughts of wheeling and dealing come to mind.


The Senator Remembers the Lobbyist

From The Breathing House by

Marcielle Brandler

He leads me to an anteroom.

He shows me the slick publication

of spliced photographs.

At the buffet table, a perplexing

vigor bursts from his eyes.

On the dance floor, he presses

his hips to mine,

and the coil of hundred dollar

bills excites my anticipation

as it does every time we embrace.

He is able to play along when I

clasp his hand, keeping my

noncommittal distance,

reticent to kiss kiss for the cameras.

We have discussed the jeopardy

of free speech as situations and

power bases reverse themselves.


The Breathing House is available

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