Lucky Baldwin’s Co-Founder Passes Away

David Farnsworth started the popular local chain of British pubs with his business partner Peggy Simonian.

Dave Farnsworth, co-founder of Lucky Baldwin’s British Pub, passed away on Oct. 28, 2011 following a long period of illness. Born on Sept. 27, 1952, Farnsworth was called “a huge part of craft beer history” who, “along with co-owner Peggy Simonian provided a Southern California land mark destination for good beer,” in an article on The Full Pint.

Starting with its original location in Old Pasadena, the Lucky Baldwin’s empire grew to three locations over the years, including the and their newest location in East Pasadena near Pasadena City College.

Sierra Madre Weekly editor and photographer Terry Miller has posted a photograph of Farnsworth and Peggy Simonian at the grand opening of their third location in May of 2011.

Stephen November 03, 2011 at 06:33 PM
David and Peggy Did were not the founders of Lucky-Baldwins. A guy by the name of Dun started it on Union street in Old Town Pasadena in the early 80's .It was a deli that sold beer and wine. Then he sold it to a guy named Grabvic in1991 who had it for a year, Then he sold it in 92 to Gail & Judah Casburn (who now own& run the Altadena ale house). The Casburns moved it to 17 south Raymend in1995 and turned it into a british pub.Then they sold it to David & Peggy in1997!
Stephen November 03, 2011 at 07:06 PM
David and Peggy are NOT the founders of Luckey Baldwins! A guy named Dun started it up on Union and Arroyo parkway in the early eighties,It was a deli that sold beer and wine.Dun then sold it to some guy named Grabvic, who had the place for one year.He then sold it to Gail & Judah Casburn (who now own The Altadena Ale House) in 1992,they moved it to 17 south raymond ave in Old Town Pasadena and turned it into a British Pub. Thay are the one's who started the "British pub" part at Lucky Baldwins The Casburns then sold to David,his wife ann & Peggy in 96. This is all in the public record. You can look it up.


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