Business Association Elects New Executive Board

The board includes familiar faces in new leadership roles.

The Georgetown Business Association elected a new member to its executive board and gave existing officers new roles at its Wednesday meeting at The Georgetown Club.

Formerly known as the Georgetown Businessmen's Association, the executive board now has three women in top leadership roles.

Janine Schoonover of JSWGroup will serve as the vice president; she was previously secretary.

She takes over the vice president role from Riyad Said, of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, who is now president of the GBA board.

"As I teasingly told Riyad, he is our token brunette," joked Schoonover. 

Karen Ohri of Georgetown Floorcoverings stays on in her role as treasurer for another year. And new executive board member, Molly Quigley of Clydes Group, will fill Schoonover's previous role as secretary.

"Three women as officers shows the growing strength of women in the professional and business community," said Ohri, who has taken a leading role in her family's business.

Just as important, though, said Ohri is the diversity of experience the new board has to offer.

Schoonover echoed that sentiment, "I am honored and proud to serve with my fellow officers and am excited for the differences in leadership styles and communication."

Among the more significant shifts Schoonover hopes to see in the next year is for the GBA to take on a lobbying role.

"GBA is a 501c-6 and can legally lobby DC government," she explained. "GBA has the opportunity to contribute toward progress of the community and use its voice."

Schoonover offered a list of goals for the next year, which include:

  • To increase benefits to GBA members;
  • To get GBA members involved in re-zoning of Georgetown and parking pilot initiative;
  • To build on sense of community and vibrancy that has always defined Georgetown;
  • To promote the unique experience of Georgetown from small businesses to national chain stores;
  • To have GBA become more civically involved and charity oriented;
  • To build on communication between GBA, CAG, BID, ANC and OGB. 
Brad Altman November 16, 2012 at 01:51 PM
This article makes it sound like women in leadership roles is a new thing for the GBA however the association has a long history of women leaders and has had 3 women presidents and many vice presidents in the recent past.
Shaun Courtney November 16, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Thanks Brad, that wasn't the intention. We were merely highlighting the switch from a male VP and President from the previous year. -Shaun


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