Who's Got the Best Prices for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Patch compared advertisements for Moorpark stores.

Updated to include additional stores.

If you're a frugal shopper, you're probably in the habit of scouring the weekly advertisements from the area's grocery stores and know who's got what on sale, how it compares to last week's prices and how it compares from store to store.

But if grocery shopping isn't your favorite activity and you just want a general idea of who's got the best prices on popular Thanksgiving items and ingredients, Patch can help.

We've looked at this week's advertisements and prices online and compared prices on turkey and the fixin's. Unless a brand name is noted, we've compared the least expensive of each item for each store.

Also, if you're not the cooking type, but still want to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal at home, watch for Sunday's article on where to buy one!

Albertson's Ralphs Vons/Pavilions
Smart & Final Fresh & Easy Turkey $1.49/lb* $0.59/lb. $1.49/lb.
$0.57/lb. $1.39/lb.** Butterball turkeys $1.99/lb $1.29/lb $2.29/lb.
Not advertised Not advertised Cranberries, 12 oz. pack $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
$1.99 $1.50 Cranberry Sauce, 14 oz. can $1.25 Not advertised $1
$1.25 $1.50 Green Beans, fresh $1.50/lb (in 2-pound packs) $0.99/lb. $2.50/12oz. bag
Not advertised $2.98/lb.** Fried Onions, 6 oz.
$2.49 $2.99 Not advertised
$2.99 $1.99 Potatoes
Not advertised $0.99/10lbs. bag
$0.79/5lbs. bag $0.98/10lbs. bag
Pumpkin Pie
$3.99/8-inch $2.99/8-inch $5.99/11-inch $2.99/8-inch $2.99/11-inch Freshly Baked Dinner Rolls, dozen $1.99 $2.50 $2.99 Not advertised $1.99 Stuffing/Dressing Mix, 10-12.5 oz.
$2 $1.99 $2 $1.99 $3.49**

* Note: While Albertson's least expensive turkey is $1.49/lb, it also has a buy-one, get-one free deal on Honeysuckle turkeys.

*Fresh & Easy is offering a free 10-20 lbs. turkey with a $30 purchase while supplies last. It's green beans and stuffing mix are buy one, get one free.

Michael Orechoff November 18, 2012 at 05:00 PM
How does Fresh and Easy, Target, and Smart and Final fit in? Why exclude them?
Rebecca Whitnall November 18, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Hey Michael, You asked for it, you got it! Sort of... I've added Fresh & Easy and Smart & Final's advertised specials. Target's weekly online ads had some great door buster Black Friday bargains, but very few of the items on our list, so I didn't include it. It does have turkeys on sale for 99 cents/lb. and 8-inch pumpkin pies for $3.99.


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