What Would You Improve in Banning or Beaumont in 2013?

If you could make a New Year's resolution for Banning or Beaumont, what would it be?

More than 45 percent of Americans make a resolution every year, according to statisticbrain.com. Some people vow to live a healthier lifestyle, others promise to spend more time with family, and many say they will try to save money.

As millions of Americans make resolutions to improve their lives, what could we do right here in Banning and/or Beaumont to make it an even better place to live?

What is on your wish list? What is one thing you would improve in 2013?

Tell us comments or blog about why you love living here!

Sherry Raymond January 01, 2013 at 02:49 AM
We live in a rural community here, and we have had to call Animal Control so many times because of animals just being dropped off--like so much trash--or, I hope that the animal just got lost and was far from home, but my guess is that it's far more likely to be the former. We have kept two of the stray dogs and they lived with us for another 10 years. We can not keep all of the poor animals--many of them are so skinny and some have been in fights, etc. and need medical attention. We have had to call the Beaumont number recently, and I think we had to go to the Ramona Shelter one time to get them to pick up a stray dog. The last stray was a 6-toed black/white cat who had not been neutered and was creating havoc among our family cats, and we had to finally, after 3-4 days, call for him to be picked up. It's a real shame when pet owners are so callous and show a lack of civil and humane behavior towards these defenseless creatures. It seems that children and animals are viewed with a dismissiveness from any number of adults, and I think Ghandi had it right on the point . . . .and it's ironic how the spirit of both children and animals respond so well to a loving and caring home environment, along with appropriate and healthy boundaries. FYI . . .there was a law enacted in the mid 19th century for the prevention for the cruelty towards animals. It was not until a 100 years later--about 1974--that there was a similar law for the prevention of child abuse!!
Valerie Westholder January 01, 2013 at 03:31 AM
If Banning wants to grow, utility costs have got to be lowered. We have friends who live in Loma Linda that can't afford to rent a house here because of utility costs.
toni pomeroy February 05, 2013 at 07:33 PM
i feel that Banning either needs to get a new mayor, new council members, etc. or just give up and become a part of Beaumont. because so far there have been NO new businesses, well except a few little fast food places and a couple little dollar places. Banning needs jobs like Deutch Co. well when it WAS HERE. something that can employ more than just a few people. Beaumont has it all, low cost grocery stores, walmart, home depot, etc. WHAT DOES BANNING HAVE? albertsons is to expensive, kmart also. hmmm, trying to think of something worth mentioning. my husband and i bought our home in Banning in june 2003 and ever since then Banning has been going down hill. I dont see the Mayor or City Council DOING ANYTHING TO HELP BANNING GET BUSINESSES here. we still have allot of empty buildings every where. Allot of the people are complaining of the utility cost, but if the people in Banning had jobs then they could pay for their utilities. i'm not saying that the utilities are not high, i'm saying BANNING CITY COUNCIL and THE MAYOR need to stop thinking about building a new city hall with air conditioning to START thinking of the people of Banning. otherwise DISSOLVE BANNING AND MELD IT AS A PART OF BEAUMONT.
toni pomeroy February 05, 2013 at 07:55 PM
hi sherry, i too have people just dropping off animals right next to my home. i live up by morongo indian reservation by robertsons ready mix. & so far i have saved the lives of at least 9-10 dogs & lil puppies & countless numbers of teeny tiny kittens & cats. i have also spent hundreds, YES i did say hundreds of dollars to spay/neuter, get shots & to find them great (not good) great homes to people i know will luv these lil furry bundles from God. when i see people chain or lock a dog on the side of their home & just leave them there with no attention & no exercise, i get very angry & i want to yell at them. there ARE so many laws about how animals are to be treated, but i find that even the people who are in charge of making sure those laws are followed won't do it. they say there are too many to handle & so they don't do anything at all. & the people who truly luv animals & want them to be safe & to help all the ones that are abused & abandoned are the ones to be penalized for having more than 2 or 3 of them. some of these have been abused & dont trust people. but if they are lucky enough to even sort of trust someone enough for that person to help it & luv it, but that person has already 2-3 pets, then they get in trouble for having more than their allotment. (that is the word they used, not me) i feel people like you & me should not get in trouble for helping those who need help & the ones who abuse & abandon them should get jail time! what do you think?
Sherry Raymond February 06, 2013 at 12:49 AM
Hi Toni, I think there are many other people--besides you and I--who become so infuriated when these little critters are thrown out to the world to fend for themselves. Thankfully, you have done so much good for some of the luckier ones, but there's always another one to come along at any time. I know, because we have gone through it so many times, too. I try and understand how . . . WHY . . a person could do such a cruel act by just dumping them off. I think that it's much like anything else in life . . . if a person has been shown to love and care "for the least," then they will continue to live their life in said manner. Of course, often times we see just the reverse . . .a child will be treated with hostility and minimal attention and care, so then he will attach himself to an animal--a pet--and be very close to the animals, as he will feel a certain kinship to these dependent creatures. We see how certain animal programs are helping hardened criminals to "learn" how to feel a sense of attachment and learn how to empathize with another life. There are so many areas in life in which education and modeling can help change a pattern of thinking and behaving. And as long as there are empathic people in the world --such as yourself--we can hope that just one person might realize a need for acting in a more appropriate and cooperative, loving way . . . for not only in the treatment of animals, but in being a decent and caring citizen in all manner of life.


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