Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in Sierra Madre

Whether you’re looking for thoughtful, romantic or PG-13 Valentine’s Day gift ideas… they can be found right in Sierra Madre.

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday, and there are more than a few spots in Sierra Madre that are offering up the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for a unique romantic token, a treat for the kiddos, or delectable wines and chocolates, you can find them in Sierra Madre.



Chocolate Shop wine, $9.99 at

Toast to love then ignite your taste buds with this wine made especially for chocolate lovers. Chocolate and red wine combine to create black cherry and dark chocolate aromas with a smooth sugar finish. Pair it with bittersweet chocolate.


Something Unique

Hand-dyed Red Silk Wine Holder, $22 at

These Valentine’s Day-inspired wine holders are so soft you’ll want to buy two.

Vintage-inspired Valentine’s Stickers, $9.95 at

For the crafty person who appreciates retro designs. Give them as a gift or use them to create a collage for your Valentine.

Teas for the Heart, $12.99 to $22.99 at

This collection of green teas is not only scrumptious… it contains antioxidants that some say are good for your heart.


Sweet Treats

Maggie Lyon Chocolates, $7.99 and up at

There’s an amazing array of fancy red-and-white-wrapped chocolates in stock right now, including sea salt caramels, a jubilee fudge heart and a set of chocolate truffles.

Peppermint Ice Cream, $4.75 for two scoops at

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this creamy delight has real peppermints infused with vanilla ice cream, giving it a cool minty taste and pink hue.



Lucky Lovers Message Dice, $2.39 at

If you’re looking to get a little frisky on Valentine’s Day, send your lover a hint by presenting them with these dice. Every roll will spark a new activity, such as “Massage My…” “Caress My…” oh, you get the idea.

Dice not enough? Consider the...

Secrets, Kisses and Hugs Dartboard Game, $5.39 at Best Buy Drugs. It’s made for two players… or more! Adults only, please.


Something Sentimental

Sapphire Heart Pendant, $240 at

If you want to splurge on a piece of jewelry, check out the selection of heart pendants at Baldwin’s.

Cupid Collage, $25 at

The tiny cupid, red sparkles and gorgeous frame will make your lover want to display this piece year after year.

Valentine’s Day Ornament, $9 at

These ornaments are so beautiful you’ll want to create a special Love Tree just to hang them.


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