Top 5 Sierra Madre-Area Stories: Smoking Ban, Construction Site Theft, Sex Offender Sentencing

In a busy news week, here's a recap of other Patch stories you may have missed.

With much of the news dedicated to the capture of suspected murderer Christopher Dorner this week, and the funerals and memorials of his victims, there were also many important stories local to the Sierra Madre area this week.  Just in case you missed them this week, here are our Top Five stories.

  • A multi-family apartment building smoking ban has been a oft-discussed issue the last year or two in Sierra Madre and it appears the idea of a ban will get its first preliminary discussion at the Sierra Madre City Council next month.
  • A private church school in Arcadia was shut down temporarily this week because the pastor is related to somebody named in the Chris Dorner manifesto.  The school has resumed classes following Dorner's death in a shoot-out with police in San Bernardino County.
  • An odd item was stolen at a Sierra Madre residential construction site.
  • Sierra Madre's "State of the City" event will be held on Tuesday.
  • From late last week, the disturbing story of a Sierra Madre man who was sentenced to 20 years in jail for sex with a minor.  The case started when the minor went missing and police found a record of online correspondence with the 27-year-old Sierra Madre resident.


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