Find Registered Sex Offenders in Your Area

The Sheriff's Department encourages residents to protect themselves and their families through Megan's Law.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department issued a reminder this past week, sharing links that direct the community to a list of sex offenders throughout Los Angeles County. 

"One of the major reasons why it is important to be informed about sexual assault is so that you can take steps to prevent it," the LASD statement says.

"And, there are indeed steps you can take to reduce your risk of sexual assault, your child's risk, or the risk facing others."

Though , has not been required to register as a sex offender, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement previously said he is under investigation. Evin Daly, CEO and Co-Founder of One Child International Inc. and Child AbuseWatch, also .

Click here to view a list of registered sex offenders in California, available through Megan's Law, on the California Department of Justice's site.

Click here for the full LASD news statement, including additional resources.

Are you aware of the registered sex offenders in your area? How do you keep yourself and your loved ones safe?


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