Aquatics Center, Waterworks Aquatics to Team Up

A release from the city states that Waterworks Aquatics will be providing services at the center in June.

The city announced Wednesday that Waterworks Aquatics will be offering services at the on June 9th. 

According to the announcement from the city, aquatic programs will expand to 12 months a year to offer a full schedule of swim classes, water aerobics, recreation swim and even a swim team. 

Waterworks Aquatics is also looking to create a community advisory board to "ensure they are providing services that will benefit the residents at a cost that is accessible." They also wish to work with the board to create scholarship opportunities, the city release states.

carolcanterbury April 26, 2012 at 04:44 PM
so now we outsource our landscaping, no say in that anymore. we outsourced the Youth Activity Center now run by the Y and enrollment is way way down, no say in that anymore. so now the pool has been privatized for a for-profit and will no longer be offering public swim, jr. lifeguard and lifeguarding program GONE, and WSI classes to teens to get jobs there are gone. what is next??? parade, police, fire? wistaria fest? where does it end. the city has nomore say inthings that directly affect you all. you may not care now,but wait till it is gone,,,,this is very sad, no one is fighting,,,,,an end of an era
Pasadena Rose April 26, 2012 at 08:43 PM
They also are going to put a "canopy" over the pool, and thus screen out the sun and the beautiful views of the trees and mountains that makes swimming there such a pleasant experience. This is being done to enhance the revenue stream of waterworks, who will thus be able to keep the pool open in inclement weather, and not for the benefits of the swimmers. I agree that this is very sad.
Judy Sewell April 26, 2012 at 10:37 PM
This is very sad , i was just about to start swimming again, now this. I'll end up going to my gym, i sure really enjoyed swimming in the open with the great views. I also hoped my youngest would get a job there for the summer.
Louis Educe April 27, 2012 at 10:59 PM
The "community" via the ballot box defeat of TT - told the city to "live within its means". Unfortunately those "means" do not include everything many feel are important, (city run - pool, YAC, etc.) What did people expect. With our own household budgets being stretched and trimmed back, why are people surprised when the city does the same after we "told" them that we as a community would not allow them to increase the revenue stream. I say let the new city council up the Utility tax now to the max allowed and use the increase over the next few year to hold off on some of the other cuts that will be coming. Carol, Judy and Meredith would you be willing to push for a tax increase to keep the pool open - do you think even if it was on the ballot it would pass?


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